Camp is "a world that shows them they are loved and wanted in a way the real world simply does not"

How does a Koru Kids Scholarship help? Ask the families


When Ryan was 12 he had already experienced 4 different educational settings as we continually tried to find a situation that adequately handled his learning issues.  Ryan developed tremendous anxiety during this process and had difficulty making friends.  He was, in fact, bullied so badly that he refused to go to school and became quite depressed.  

The summer of his 12th year, I was looking for a summer camp experience for him.  I found the Coastal Camp run by Aerie Experiences.  The day Ryan was scheduled to leave for camp, he “sprained his wrist”, had a headache and stomachache.  We showed up to the meeting point with his wrist wrapped and a bag full of over-counter-medications. 

A week later, I picked up a young man with lots of mosquito bites, a nice suntan and a big smile!  He was hooked on the Aerie Experience!  The following February, Ryan participated in a week-end respite at the Cedar Creek Cattle Ranch.  There he met people and horses that were responsible for dramatic positive changes in his life.  At 16, Ryan has become confident and motivated and considers the friends he made at camp friends his best buddies.  


I cannot express the gratitude I feel towards all those that helped Abbey go to camp.. Abbey's daily focus is to push her body and mind to learn new things. She is amazing at what she has accomplished so far. But when other kids play soccer or football, Abbey goes to therapy. So when she started to ask about going to "horse camp," my heart ached. All I could think about was how could I tell her we could not send her this year. She doesn't understand how much things cost or recognize the challenges we have faced this year. All she knew is that she wanted to go to camp. Abbey works so hard each day, she embraces her special journey with a smile and all she wanted was to have her dream of going to camp to come true. She even said she would touch a horse if she could go to camp (which would be a big accomplishment for her). The kindness and generosity of your donors allowed Abbey's dream come true which was a blessing to me and my husband. Abbey loved all the activities they did at camp and enjoyed her time being independent. And yes, she did touch a horse. Thank you to all your Dream Makers.


We had a awesome experience with Dustin's place doing the camps Ben learned a lot on how to take care of a horse and learned how to put a saddle on a horse I surely appreciate the scholarship that you provided for Ben and I hope you guys can do it again thank you so much.

And hear from the Program Directors

Matthew Weneta, Aerie Expereinces

Thank you for your work to provide access to our programs. This summer Koru made is possible for four of our children whose families have had significant financial struggles over the past year and could never have afforded camp on top of all the medications, therapies and costs of raising children not of the typical mold. The four children were able, for a week, to play with their friends, give hugs, be silly and live in a world that belongs to them, created for them and most importantly a world that shows them they are loved and wanted in a way the “real world” simply does not. 

Lynn Brecht, Owner of Dustin's Place

I greatly appreciate your sponsorship for one of my campers. His family is on a fixed income and would otherwise not be able to afford an opportunity like this.

The camper that you had sponsored had said that he had the best time of his life. He learned small motor skills while pulling back a slingshot and competing with boomerangs. He learned large motor skills and built connections while on horseback. He also learned how to better handle situations that he was not very confident in by listening, watching and trying every activity that we put in front of him- something he would never do at home.

Again thank you!

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