"She doesn't understand how much things cost. All she knew is that she wanted to go to camp."

Why we are needed

Therapeatuic camps make a difference...

We sent our children to these therapeutic camps and saw the huge positive difference it made in their lives. At camp, kids with physical disabilities learn fine and large motor skills, while kids with social challenges learn to interact with their peer group. All the campers become confident, motivated, and happy. 

...but they are expensive

A big part of the success of these great programs is the highly trained staff that supports the various programs. The kids require more supervision than your typical “sleep away” camp. Medical personnel supervise their often-difficult dietary restrictions and daily medication, counselors and doctors often need to be consulted to provide the best experience possible and the horses need a lot of oats and hay. All this costs money and many families cannot afford the cost to send their special needs son or daughter to such special week long, or even weekend, excursion. Over 50% of the requests that are currently received for the programs require financial support.

Where we come in

We saw the changes the camps made in our children's lives and we want to help other families have similar experiences. At Koru Kids Connections, we provide scholarships for special needs children demonstrating a financial need and who would expressly benefit from the unique programs and services provided by Aerie Experiences, Dustin's Place, and New Beginnings Youth Ranch.

Help Our Cause

Our scholarships allow financially needy kids to attend therapeutic camps. We are 100% volunteer-run and all the money we raise is given directly to children in need. 

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